System Implementation

In the sucessful implementation of Asset Liability Management Systems, experience has shown that preparation is critical. Implementation costs can be considerably reduced if the software provider does not need to do a large amount of preparatory work.

In addition to offering our own tool eLARMS, we work with key system providers (QRM / Sungard) to implement the most appropriate solution for our clients. Naissance can complete all the necessary preparation to ensure a smooth and easy implementation.

We focus on:

  • Consultation: determining the requirements of key stakeholders and consulting with our partners (QRM / SunGard) to ensure adequate product selection
  • Data: building a unified source of reconciled, cleansed and correctly formatted data (Enterprise Data Warehouse) to avoid the need for "work arounds" and in addition, to provide a rich source of Management Information
  • Products: defining the products and their associated characteristics
  • Structure: validating and deciding how the chart of accounts, product hierarchy and system output should be reflected in the model
  • Infrastructure: specifying the requirements for storing historic data and results
  • Hardware: validating the necessary hardware and defining how it will be implemented
  • Implementation: determining the appropriate implementation phases
  • Support: supporting and maintaining the model once in production
  • Training: organising training courses

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