Risk Management

Our expertise is built on addressing strategic and operational challenges. We focus on key risk areas related to treasury, accounting, finance, market and credit risk, liquidity and management information.

Naissance enables organisations to change from a fragmented risk management structure to a strategic solution, incorporating controls and risk initiatives in a coherent framework to support business and enhance performance.

Our expertise includes:

  • Company wide risk assessment
  • Market risk management
  • Credit portfolio assessment
  • Policies and Limits
  • Asset and Liability Management (ALM) implementation
  • Design and validation of ALM controls
  • Risk control framework
  • Portfolio modelling
  • Loan and funding book optimisation
  • FTP (Fund Transfer Pricing)
  • Balance Sheet Management

Our clients benefits from:

  • Business strategy and risk appetite alignment
  • Efficient control framework
  • Meaningful management information
  • Complete risk management optimisation
  • Enhanced cash flow and fair market value forecasting
  • Improved Asset and Liability Management
  • Liquidity monitoring reporting
  • Transparent and proportionate pricing

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