Our team of advisers have deep experience in front, middle and back office. We help clients restructure their operations to gain efficiencies, reduce costs and operational risk, by leveraging technology to increase automation.

Our advisors have relationships with leading software providers to facilitate the selection and implementation of the appropriate solutions. Naissance can help you enhance business as usual processes and controls in line with industry best practices and develop a long term strategy.

Our expertise includes:

  • Industry best practice knowledge
  • Front office, middle office and back office operational redesign
  • Policy and operating manual delivery
  • Collateral management practices and processes
  • Front, middle and back office system implementation
  • SWIFT solution implementation
  • Model implementation and staff training

Our clients benefits from:

  • Delivery of strategic operational framework
  • Enhanced customer services
  • Operating model and processes in line with industry best practices
  • Operational saving and gain in efficiencies
  • Reduction of operational risk
  • Operational performance optimization

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